Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Film making hints.

Sound design.
* Small sounds such as footsteps help increase involvement with what is there on the screen.
* Dubbing mistakes are caught quite easily. A person's voice should match his personality.
* Sounds CAN be restricted to what is happening on the screen. Other sounds can be added to set up the environment.
* Sounds of next scene playing towards the end of the previous one help generate anticipation. Sounds should not be faded in at such instances.
* Sounds should compliment what is on screen. Genre of background music need not be restricted. Example - Classical sounds used during battlefield shots in Khuda Ke Liye.

* Scenes should flow into each other.
* Zoom in slowly when the situation onscreen is 'heavy'.
* Show specific gestures, like eyebrows and hand movements dominating the frame, to communicate the feeling of the scene.

* Contrasts can be done in consequetive scenes to make it more dramatic. contrasted by dialogs. Example from Khuda ke Liye - a female Briton says girls in Pakistan are better off once a Pakistani tells him about the courtesies that men have for women there. Cut to next scene where a girl is in deplorable state because of the social order in Pakistan... the same social order that asks men to do formailities for women when they meet them.
* Make a situation which calls for a pleasent song, and then contrast situations over that pleasent song.

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