Sunday, May 31, 2009

Configuring TATA Indicom (WIMAX) broadband to work with Netgear router

Just like the rest of the world, my flatmate turned out to be a naysayer when I was configuring the newly brought Netgear WGR614v9. Both the WIMAX broadband and wireless router configuration were new to me... so I couldn't produce the results instantly, and hence started 'we just can't do it ourselves (as if he was even touching the things!!!). We need external support'. Here's how to do it.

A bit of background
As far as I could fathom, the TATA's gateway server works as a simple web server when the user has to login. When we try to open a site, the request first goes to the TATA server. Seeing that the IP from which the request is coming does not have a session, it redirects us to the login page. As I am based in Hyderabad at the moment, it redirects me to Once I login and the session is established, I can surf the internet normally.

This scheme is not what is generally used by other providers. They either use a dialup client (Sify et al.) or connect via PPPoE (Airtel, BSNL, MTNL). So the methods used for configuring other connections do not apply here.

Configuring the router
Installing Netgear router is quite simple. Just put in the CD and it will guide you step by step. You just need to be patient. Once the process laid out by the CD is complete,
1. Open your favorite web browser go to
2. Default username and password are 'admin' and 'password' (without quotes). Do remember to change this password on your first login.
3. It will ask you whether you wish to use the wizard for configuration or wish to go your own way. Select the latter (second radio button).
4. Select the 'Internet service provider' as 'Telstra Bigpond'.
5. You'll be entering your username and password later on. So you can put anything in these fields. Password field is optional and you can leave it blank if you wish to.
6.  For 'Authentication Server' also you can enter any value you want. You can't leave it empty as router wont allow you to save the changes.
7. Leave rest of the fields as they are and click on 'Apply'. There's a 'Test' button in same row as the 'Apply' button. Clicking on it will break your heart because the way TATA's system is laid out, router won't be able to login for you even if have put the correct username, password and authentication server :P Wait for some time after hitting 'Apply' till the update finishes.

That's it, you're done!!!

Try opening your favorite site and TATA Indicom broadband's login page will open up. Enter your username, domain and password and hit login and you can browse normally now :-)

Chart control by Microsoft.

This charting control came across as one of those cutting edge releases. At first glance, I was so damn impressed by the control that I just cannot put in to words. It has no documentation but a project with 200 examples! Everything is so well laid out that person with common sense can start building magnificent charts in a matter of seconds! Every aspect of the control seems to be so nicely deliberated upon that they left no chance of improvement. Even the default options are so wholesome that you won't need to add to them by your own. Impressed, impressed, impressed!!!
But then, I was struck with past. Microsoft, no matter how great tech they've come out with, the front-line things are always 'inspired' by the third party tools/research/products. When we were searching for charting solution, we came across screenshots of a charting control by Infragistics. It was not a surprise to me that same charts could be reproduced in Microsoft's control quite easily.
Microsoft is going to come out with its 'Surface' soon. I don't think many would know that it's work of a research student in one of the Human Interaction labs of a university in US. I am unable to recall the details - the name of the student or his university because I saw his demonstration on Youtube. So when saw announcement of 'Surface' coming out soon, I just... smiled.
Impressed I am with Microsoft, just that this impression is to do with their marketing department only.