Saturday, August 01, 2009

Installing SQL Server (Express) on XP with SP3 not possible.
SP3 Installs MSXML 6 update KB954459 (also installed by MSXML 6 SP2) which marks files related to it as non-editable and non-removable. Because of this, all the packages modifying its (config) files fail to install. Same problem also appears when installing VS2008 as it has SQL Server Express edition bundled with it. However, Visual Studio installs without any problems and any applications not depending on SQLExpress will build and run just fine.
1. There is an error related to SQLDUMPER when trying to connect to SQL Server from Visual Studio.
2. SQL services do not appear in services' console (Run > services.msc) after installation.
3. There is a config error during installation and it appears related to MSXML in log files of the installer.

I am sorry that I am able to provide only vague pointers right now. I solved this problem at my friend's place at 4 am a week back and I am writing everything just from my memory.

Uninstall KB954459 using Microsoft's utility. You would have to use this utility because the package is not removable from Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs either. Its quite simple and straightforward to use and should not require directions for people who are attempting such an installation.
Install SQL Server/VS normally.
You can optionally install back MSXML 6 SP2  after your SQL server is installed.

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