Saturday, June 27, 2009

Removing humming sound from speakers connected to computer

Humming comes in audio systems because of 1) improper earthing 2) bad circuit. In case of (2), you have no choice but to go and get a better  system or plugin some higher capacity capacitors in your circuit. (1) was my problem and I got this really awesome solution to it. Its called the perfect JUGAAD (click here for wiki's definition :D).
The place I put up in has no earthing. Whenever I connect my laptop, I feel minor shocks at times and there's a lot of humming in the speakers when I connect the audio cable to it. I confirmed the earthing problem by running the laptop on batteries. When I did that, I got no humming sound when there was no audio playing.
Today, I thought of connecting the analog cable to my lappy and check out its TV tuner card. Amazingly, I got no humming disturbance when I connected the cable TV wire! That means all the extra current was flowing out from the cable down into the earth. :D Talk about getting cheap and perfect solutions ;)

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