Friday, February 20, 2009

Issues while installing (SP1) VS2008

VS2008 takes an age to install on an XP machine with SP2. I guess this is something to do with .NET Framework 3.0 installer. After around 30%, the installation totally freezes. Even there are no read/writes to/from hdd. Don't worry... just go and have a big snack and it will complete in some time. :D

Installing VS2008 SP1 on Vista gave a peculiar error. The installer crashed out after around 30% into the process with some peculiar error... I checked the error logs the installer had generated. The setup was failing coz i had disabled windows updater service. Enable and keep the service running the service till installer has finished its job.

Impressed with the amount of diagonstic error messages Vista generated compared to XP. :)

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