Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Messaging from a Pen Drive

The method I am going to describe involves a bit techie stuff for a complete layman. So if u have any queries, u can leave a comment. This method is useful in following cases:
* the network admin is complacent
* admin doesn't have time to update the security
* he's not been updated with yahoo's new system

Required: ability to copy, paste and delete a few files.

Right here it goes...

I) Creating a ripped version from installer (I dont have the bandwidth right now to upload 7 MB)

Required: Any PC which allows you to install software. It is a point to be noted here that Ayttm's installer doesn't check for Admin privileges, as I've tested. So you just need rights to read and write from/to drive [:)].
a) Download Ayttm for Windows.
b) Install it on any PC. For this tutorial, I am assuming that you have installed it to 'C:\Program Files\Ayttm'.
c) Copy all the files just installed to some other directory. Example: Copy 'Ayttm' directory from 'C:\Program Files' to 'C:\' such that now all the files lie of the messenger also lie in 'C:\Ayttm'

II) Editing prefs to run the rip

Note: Assuming that you are logged on as 'guest', Ayttm will store the its preferences in 'C:\Documents and Settings\guest\Application Data\Ayttm' in a file named 'prefs'. It this file that we have to edit to set the ball rolling.

a) Complete its initial setup and run the messenger for once (from the place you installed it, C:\Program Files\Ayttm in this case), i.e. chat with a few people using Ayttm.

b) Open the 'prefs' file, lying in 'C:\Documents and Settings\guest\Application Data\Ayttm', in notepad and replace 'C:\Program Files\Ayttm' (remember that I have assumed the messenger is installed in 'C:\Program Files\Ayttm') with a dot everywhere. You can use notepad's replace utility (Edit > Replace) to accomplish this.
Before editing-
BuddyArriveFilename=C:\Program Files\Ayttm\sounds\
BuddyAwayFilename=C:\Program Files\Ayttm\sounds\
BuddyLeaveFilename=C:\Program Files\Ayttm\sounds\
SendFilename=C:\Program Files\Ayttm\sounds\
ReceiveFilename=C:\Program Files\Ayttm\sounds\
FirstMsgFilename=C:\Program Files\Ayttm\sounds\

After Editing-

Make such changes throughout the file.

c) Copy this file to some other location. Preferably to place where you copied the messenger's files (i.e. C:\Ayttm in this case). You'll be needing this file to run your messenger.

III) Running the rip

Now you can copy the Ayttm directory (the one lying in C drive) to your pendrive.
a) Whenever you wish to run the messenger, double-click on 'Ayttm.exe' in 'Ayttm' folder in your pendrive. This will create all the files needed in 'C:\Documents and Settings\guest\Application Data\Ayttm' (again assuming that u r logged on as 'guest' in your target system).

b) Ayttm will give an error that modules were not found... Close the messenger and proceed to next step.

c) Navigate to the 'C:\Documents and Settings\guest\Application Data\Ayttm' and replace 'prefs' lying there with the one you created.

d) Reopen 'Ayttm.exe' from your pendrive. Voila!! You are now ready to login and have a fulfilling chat session.

IV) Cleaning the footprints

Once you are done with chatting, its time to clear the footprints. No sweat! Just delete 'Ayttm' folder lying in 'C:\Documents and Settings\guest\Application Data', i.e. the folder that contained 'prefs' file.

Some more customization

1) It may happen that the target system that you have chosen access internet thru a proxy. You can configure that thru 'Advanced' option in 'Edit > Preferences' in Ayttm.

2) As was the case with me, admin had blocked, the default website chat apps use to access the chat server. if this is the case with you, then you can use any of the following servers:
...again editable from the 'Services > Yahoo' dialog in 'Edit > Preferences' in Ayttm.
Happy messaging!!

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